Apr 12, 2011

Craft Night

I enrolled the girls in a "Girls Only" craft club. I think it was one of those things you get sent in the mail that sucks you in and then makes you feel guilty if you quit type of thing, ha! So anyhoo, we've been getting these for about a year, and usually once a month (ok, maybe every couple of months, but who's counting) we try to have a craft night together. I am going to attempt to do this once a week (I know, right?) because it really is fun to get out a big craft bin and go to town. Rachel made a pet picture frame that she loves. Unfortunately her poor kitty is on his last life, he keeps pooping and peeing on the couch....but that's another post....Emma made a girls only diary that has a bunch of pages to fill out. It is soooooo her type of thing! Alayna made a card and found a pic of all of us at the pumpkin patch. I laughed when the girls asked what I was going to make. I said I would never have time to make anything because I would be helping them with their projects. Oh well, that's what scrapbooking weekend is for, right?


Connie said...

What fun projects your girls chose to do. You are making good memeories with them even though you probably won't get to make your own craft.

Bless by Tone said...

I love making things with my girls - looks like so much fun. Thank you for your comment about my ladder. Tone