Mar 29, 2010

Can I Whine??

Look at this picture. This sweet, adorable, sleeping face. Precious, isn't it?

Yes, it is, until she wakes up. And before I even get started... No Dad, I was not like this as a child, and yes Mom, I realize she is a perfect little angel for you. Seriously.

So please tell me why she is hell on wheels for me? Ugh, she is the most whiniest, energy sucking child I have ever met. Well ok, maybe not, but of my 3 kids she is! I try to remember my Mom's words, "enjoy these years, they go by so fast!!". And I do try, but dealing with the 300th tantrum because she cannot wear a swimsuit and red socks with no shoes outside (it's only 50 degrees out), wears me out.



Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

How old is she? This sounds so much like my youngest during the 4 to 6 years. Now I vaguely remember the terrible tantrums over what she wanted to wear or not wear, and the changing her mind as we were walking out the door. It was soo difficult, at the time I thought it would kill me. She is seven now and we have very few difficulties. Definitely some whining, but that is tapering off too. Hope that gives you some hope?

Cara said...

She will be four in May. Don't tell me this will last until 6, lol!!! Just kidding. I know it will get better, but my heavens this is a lot of work!!

Missy said...

My daughter is 4.5 and it has gotten a little better. Right before turning 4 is the worst. It seems like once those girls hit the 4 yr mark, you are on the downhill slide.
Is she your only girl?

Cara said...

Missy- she is my third (heaven help me..), my other two were never this way so I am completely dumbfounded!!

Missy said...

I was asking because I have 2 boys and only 1 girl. She is so much different then the boys. Way more drama. LOL

Rainy Day Farm said...

You are sooooooo not alone. My middle son is just like that. He thinks everything should go his way ALWAYS! Makes me crazy. I just try and remember that they won't always be like this. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't. Good luck.