Nov 12, 2009

Holiday Planner

I know I had mentioned a few weeks back about how I do my planning for the Holidays, (blame it on Mommy brain forgetting:) and I am now finally getting around to posting about it! I made this two years ago as a desparate need to organize my gift giving/cooking/cards. I found a bunch of these three ring binders at a garage sale awhile back not knowing what I would do with them. All I did was scrapbook a Christmas page with pics of the girls and our family and inserted it to the front. Inside I added some Christmas planning pages that I found online to help me stay organized. I love that they have pages meant for homemade gifts to keep you on track, holiday meal planning pages, and regular gifts and card keeping lists. This helps me out SO much so I don't have 50 lists laying around:)


{ L } said...

This is so awesome and fun to find a like-minded friend. ;) I have a post I did about my holiday planer!

Anyways, I really like your idea of putting in photos of your family on past Christmases! Super idea. And I also love that you found printout pages too. I enjoyed reading this post.

Rachelle said...

That's what I need to do! I usually just make a little list on the computer but I love the idea of being more organized.. :)

Kim said...

Very cute and practical idea!