Apr 21, 2016

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend our nephew Brian got married.  It was such a fun wedding and the girls still talk about how they wish they could go back!

The wedding and reception was in Hutchinson, about 45 minutes away.

Road trip selfie!

Thankfully my niece Andi didn't have to do much with her kids because between Emma and Alayna, they took care of the girls, haha!

This is Madalyn and Rachel, Maddie's mom and I have been best friends since 7th grade AND she is my sister in law!  She married Brad's brother 10 years ago, how cool is that?!
And how beautiful are these two?????

Dancing the night away!

Ellie pretty much stuck by Emma during the dance.  Madalyn caught the bouquet and gave it to Ellie who proceeded to throw the bouquet to anyone who was paying attention, haha!

Emma and Isabel

Rachel and her cousins Sam and Isaac.

I LOVE this pic!  Brad's dad isn't paying attention in the least...

Rachel and her godmother and aunt, Barb.

Rachel with the groom.  It's funny because when Rach was little we always thought she looked like Brian!

The crazy sister in laws!

Me and my love...

It was such a fun night hanging out with Brad's family!

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Terra Heck said...

Everyone looks great dressed up. Looks like it was a great wedding.