Apr 21, 2016

Emma Jo #13

Emma Jo turns 13 today and I can't hardly believe it.  Where is my oh so sweet and sensitive squeaky voice girl?  This picture seems like it was last year...Rachel reading oh so nicely to her sister.  What you didn't see was me asking Rachel to give some food to Emma and Rachel throwing the food AT Emma.  *sigh*

Emma has turned into an amazing young woman!  We are so proud and blessed to have her, she has a heart of gold and truly loves her family and friends.  (except in the mornings, please don't talk to her or ask too many questions)

Emma is spunky and so full of life, her favorite thing to do is plan and throw parties (she gets that from me!), read and hang out.  Her sense of humor cracks us up all.the.time.

She loves clothes, shopping and playing piano and violin.  She has that trait where she can hear a song and start playing it on the piano, it's crazy!

She especially loves her baby cousins Ellie, Issy and Noah.  If she can hang with them all day she would!  In fact at Grandmas the other day, Ellie (who is 2), ate lunch quickly and got her blankie to take a nap so that when she woke up Emma would be there!!

Emma Jo we love you SO much and are so blessed to call you ours!!!

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