Sep 14, 2015

Perfect Fall Weekend

This weekend was a PERFECT weekend!  The weather was a bit cool, sunny and just all around gorgeous.  Plus I got a ton of stuff done!  I had Friday off and I watched pretty much any September 11 special that has been made.  Every year I watch the actual footage of the Today Show on MSNBC, still gives me the chills.

I finally got my fall decorations out, I am thinking a trip to Crafts Direct is needed to update a few things...

Despite stopping frequently to watch tv, I got a ton of organizing done.  Feels so good to open cupboards and see organization!  Saturday I got some canning done, got 8 jars of salsa put up.  Brad smoked some ribs and we had friends over that night.

Sunday we went to church came home and after lunch walked back into our woods to grab some apples!

There is an apple tree that is huuuuge!

Of course we had to take some pics (why must she pose for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.)

I was able to connive the family into helping (yes Alayna was there too, but she had a friend over) and was able to get 8 quarts of apple pie filling plus 4 gallon bags full of cut up apples.  I said if they helped I would bake them a pie....

Such a great weekend, I am so ready for cooler temps!

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