Sep 24, 2015

Our Newest Addition

No, not MY newest addition!  My sister Tracy and her husband Peter welcomed this sweet little bundle of perfection Noah Gary on Tuesday, September 22.  He is 9 pounds 10 ounces and PERFECT in every way.

I was so happy I happened to have Tuesday off (right now I have Fridays off, but had to switch because another person needed Friday off) and it worked perfect!  

Tracy labored for almost 20 hours before they decided to do a c-section.  She had some complications during the c-section, and we are all so thankful that she is ok and healthy!  She was so disappointed that it ended that way, but honestly, I don't know many women who would hold out that long!

I am so proud of her and especially with all that she went through, she is going to be one amazing mama!  And now she can totally hold that against him when he's naughty, haha!

I am so stoked to have a baby in the family, he is going to be so fun.  I only wished I lived closer, after being with them on Tuesday, I am feeling so sad that I can't just drive there after work and see him...

Tracy, I know you will eventually read this, and I want you to know how incredibly PROUD I am of you!  You went through so much this week, and now you get reap the benefits with this little guy.  I am so excited to see what a great mama you are going to be, and I am blessed that I get to be there for you guys.  Love you all so much!


Full Time Wife Life said...

Congrats! Glad she is doing well, and you're right - that's a long time to labor!

Julie @ Just the Joy's said...

Awww! So exciting! What a little ham he is! I totally know how your sister feels about the labor not ending as she wanted... in the end as long as her and the baby is healthy that's all that matters! It took me a while to accept that too! :) Hope your doing well!! XOXO