Mar 11, 2015

Spring Cleaning

 I have every Tuesday off and yesterday was the first day in months that I actually had NOTHING planned.  No meetings, no appointments (well actually I did have a massage planned but she had to reschedule), just an entire day to get some spring cleaning done.  And clean I did!
Here's a low down of what I accomplished by 3:30:

*Did all the laundry including sheets, rugs, curtains and throw blankets.
*Vacuumed upstairs and downstairs.
*Thoroughly cleaned all three bathrooms including scrubbing bathtubs, washed walls and vents.
*Thoroughly cleaned our bedroom, moved furniture to vacuum, dusted every nook and cranny.
*Dusted above all cabinets in the kitchen and entryway.
*Scrubbed kitchen cupboards and orange cleaned them.
*Scrubbed floors
*Cleaned out the pantry and fridge
*Made supper (I had spaghetti sauce in the freezer already!)
*Worked out 
*Made my lunches for the week.

Shew, I was exhausted by last night!  It felt SO good to get all my cleaning done!  The weather is absolutely gorgeous right now, yesterday was 56, AH-MAZING.  Although looking outside, this is what you mostly see...Ugh, it's everywhere.

I cannot wait to see how my lilac bushes do this year, they've been slow going so far...

purple flower 05 hq pictures

This was my afternoon break, my fave sparkling water and some pizza pita chips that were so-so.  However, I did make Mix and Match Mama's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Nieman Marcus Bars.  Umm ya, they freaking heaven...

And my obsession, "The First 48".  Like I've said before, I'd be a damn good homicide detective, just sayin...

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