Mar 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's another edition of Friday Favorites with these ladies!

1.  This guy right here.  He fell on Wednesday and broke his hip (he broke his other hip in September), they also found out that he has a large blood clot in his leg.  It doesn't look good.  At all.  I am SO, SO thankful that Brad and I made the visit down last Saturday to see him.  He was feeling good, no confusion, just a really great visit.  I got to tell him I love him, and told him to stay out of trouble.  Clearly he didn't hear the last part...

2.  This week has been a bit crazy, and I feel a bit crazy.  I am loving this weather immensely, but yesterday was one of those days I wanted to crawl back in bed and hide for the day.  After supper I mixed a cocktail, and hopped in the tub.  It's amazing what a hot bath can do!

3.  I have been feeling down and out about my running.  I am still having pain in my leg, and the most I can run is 4 miles.  Now, I am SUPER happy that I can still run, but with the Fargo Marathon coming up and knowing I can't run it is making me feel less than stellar.  Every.single.time I get my Runners World magazine, it has an article that pertains to my struggles.  It totally lifted me up, and I feel like I've got a game plan now to tackle that pesky muscle!!

4.  This beauty turns 14 tomorrow.  Heavens where does the time go?  I love her spunky, outgoing, stubborn and hilarious personality!  I pray for the man that steals her heart, because I don't think she will be one to take much from him, haha!

5.  The weekend.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  Rachel's birthday is tomorrow, Emma is in a school play Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, and Rachel has a tournament all day Sunday.  Thankfully the play and tournament are in our hometown, not sure how we managed that one!!


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Misty said...

I love hot baths! Always a favorite of mine. Good luck on the running. Hang in there! I know how fusturating injuries can be.