Jul 15, 2014

South Dakota Vacation-Day 4

The best part of vacation was getting up early and sitting on the deck.  This morning I got up around 6 and brought my chair outside and went to get my coffee.  When I opened the door, there were 5 deer coming down our side hill.  Of course as soon as I took this pic, they all ran away.  I sat down and about 15 minutes later 2 of them came back and roamed for about 10 minutes.  Closest I've ever been to a deer!

Brad wanted to take us out to the area where they turkey hunt, and I would have to say this was my favorite day!  We took a narrow gravel road north of Custer that was state land and drove.  We saw lots of deer, but no elk, bummer.

The views were incredible!  We also went up to Bear Mountain Lookout, it's a big tower that you can walk up and look out over the mountains.  There was a woman up there who ivited us in.  This was her living quarters and she lived there from May-October.  She watches for smoke, and then uses special equipment to get the location of the fire and reports it to dispatch.  She had some coloring books, stickers and badges for Alayna.  It was fascinating to hear her talk.

We found a spot to have a picnic and saw there was a herd of cows by us.  Within a couple minutes they came running right past us, there had to be at least 50!  Scared the be-jezus out of me!

After our drive we went into Custer to do some shopping.  They had some pretty neat little shops, Alayna and Rachel got South Dakota shirts.

We stopped at the Purple Cow Pie Place for a snack.  The girls got ice cream and Brad and I split an apple pie.  Holy heck, that was DIVINE!

That night we had a fire, the weather was gorgeous.  We played the "I'm going camping..." game and had to chuckle at some of the items, haha.

This kid is growing up waaaaay too fast...


This pic cracks me up as Alayna had no idea Emma photo bombed her!

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