Jul 12, 2014

South Dakota Vacation-Day 1

This year we decided to take the girls to South Dakota for our family vacation.  Brad has been there several times turkey hunting, but I had never been.

I was SO excited for this trip, it's so much more my kind of a vacation.  We did Disney last year, and although I am glad we went, I am happy that we'll never do that again.  Way too hot and way too much money!  But lots of great memories...

We left on Sunday morning at 6:15 and were driving as far as Rapid City.  We packed snacks and a lunch so we wouldn't have to stop.  The girls were amazing and we made a little contest with them....whoever had the most Wall Drug billboard sightings got $5.   That kept them busy!  And Rachel won, although I think she might have cheated....

Alayna took it upon herself to be the clown to keep us from annoying each other.

We stopped in the Badlands and took that all in.  While it is truly breathtaking, I needed an anti-anxiety pill (or 10) to deal with watching the girls navigate the rocks.

I was so relieved to leave there, you should have seen the kids running around there!  I was sure someone would die...

Since we watched for Wall Drug billboards for 5 hours, we figured we should stop and visit.  We gave each of the girls money for souvenirs, and after about 6 hours Alayna had most of her money spent.  Just kidding.  She did buy a rubber band gun that she has been tormenting us with.  We also got some ice cream and headed out.

We stayed at the Best Western in Rapid City, and I highly recommend this hotel!  Rooms were very clean and very modern, we even had a balcony.  They had a huge pool, and a separate water park with a couple big water slides.

Alayna has had 3 swimming lessons and it is amazing how much they have helped her!  She went without a life jacket the entire night and swam great.

All in all, our first day of vacation was awesome!

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