Jul 5, 2014

4th of July

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th!  The fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays.  First if all it's where Brad proposed...our town has a big parade every year, and he had my Dad make a huge sign asking me to marry him and placed it on the side of the fire truck.  When the truck pulled up, he pulled me out in front of the crowd and proposed!  Second of all the third of July is the start our towns (actually it's our church) festival.  On the third they have a band and beer gardens and when we bought our first house in town, we used to have all our friends over for a fish fry and then we would walk uptown to the grounds for the night.  We had so much fun and loved seeing all the people we hadn't seen since the year before.  Now, it's become SO huge that you only see the people you go with.  It's literally like 15,000 people in a town of 7,000.  CRAZY!

So with the fourth being one of my fave holidays, I love all things red, white and blue.  I love to decorate and we try to get a couple crafts and recipes in.  This year Alayna and I made red white and blue pudding pops.

The band on the third this year was Rumours and Dreams which is a Fleetwood Mac tribute band.  If you know anything about me then you'd know my love and infatuation with Fleetwood Mac. I grew up listening to them and have been able to see them live twice, and am going to see them again in September.

Emma and I made our way up and found a great place to watch them, they are amazing!!!  Emma is my lil Mac fan too, love it!!

After the band we got to watch the fireworks which were incredible!

On the fourth was the parade, weather was a little cool and sprinkled a bit.  We always get the same spot every year and sit with Brads family. 

After the parade we always get Joeburgers which are phenomenal!  Alayna likes to play some of the kid games and then we head over to listen to the Smokin Guns band which is always a highlight!  The girls got some super cute tshirts from them.

In the evening we head over to the farm for a campfire to end the night.  Alayna got to play football with the big boys and it was pretty cute how they would pretend to tackle her but always let her get by for a touchdown:). After dusk we can see the fireworks from St. Cloud, nice to not have to deal with crowds!

Hope everyone had a great fourth!

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