Mar 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Yes, this beauty had a birthday on Friday.  She's 13 y'all!  13.  Otherwise known as hormones-are-raging-out-of-control-and-we've-now-become-the-most-stupid-parents-ever.  Just kidding, I don't think we've hit the stupid part yet, but I'm sure it's coming.

Is this not the cutest dang picture?  This girl had so much hair, I had her in pigtails at 6 months!  She was such a good baby, very content and a great sleeper.  Now the 2's &3's?  We won't discuss those cute as she was, she was a very stubborn/bull headed toddler.  Shocking that this rings true now!

In all seriousness, we are SO proud of this kid.  She is a beautiful, smart, outgoing, independent and strong willed girl.  Or should I say, teenager.  Ugh, that word.

As strong willed and independent as she is, she has a big heart.  Right now her closet is full of blankets she is making to donate to the local women's shelter, and for Christmas she used her money to buy 25 pairs of hats and mittens to donate.  She also volunteers at a group home for developmentally disabled adults.

And with the amount of questions this kid asks in a day (remember the questions you're kids ask when they are 2/3?  Yes, she still asks as many questions now...), I will be shocked if she won't be a lawyer later on in life.

Her birthday was on a Friday so we decided to head on down to the cities.  We did some shopping at the Mall of America (this is like being in hell for people like me who hate to shop) and had supper at the Rainforest Cafe.  She proclaimed it was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!  To which Emma replied, "you always say that".  And Alayna said, "moooooooom, I'm hungry...." even though we had eaten exactly an hour before....

On Saturday  Rachel and I had tickets to go see the play "The Secret Life of Girls".  Man oh man, it was an EXCELLENT play.  It was at a very small theater at our local college, no props, and just 9 characters.  It was about a young girl who struggles to find where she belongs in school, and how she gets bullied and then also becomes the bully.  It was phenomenal, and had me crying at the end.  Lots of great discussion from Rach, and I was SO happy that we went!

Happy happy birthday kiddo, we love you lots:)

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