Jun 28, 2013

Emma's 10th Birthday

For the queen's double digit birthday, she decided she wanted a movie night party.  She had lots of ideas and plans, so I just followed her lead!  She invited 8 girls to spend the night, (WHAT, 8????) and I went to town planning and decorating.

I found the cupcakes on Pinterest (of course) and LOVED how they turned out!  

Most of the decorations I bought from Oriental Trading Company ( love that place), the subway art I found free online and the popcorn bucket I stuffed with foam and hot glued popcorn on top!  

I filled these containers with candies and cut the labels off the boxes to hot glue one.

Here is the queen with her cupcake!  This girlfriend is such a diva, she cracks me up! 

I bought these popcorn crafts for them to do, along with decorating their own popcorn bags.  Needless to say they were all sugared up for a week!

For their parting gift, we gave away popcorn bags (duh).  Emma had such a great time and said it was her best birthday ever!  I think she says that every year, haha.  We are very proud of this girl, she continues to make us proud with her soft, sweet spirit along with all of her diva-ness!!

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