Apr 3, 2012

Rachel's birthday, what we've been up to and I quit my job

My sweet oldest "baby" (she'd kill me if she saw that) celebrated her 11th birthday March 14. Her theme (although at 11, we don't call them "themes" ya know) was volleyball and instead of having a big ole party with her friends, her and I got pedicures and went out to lunch. We did have our family over to celebrate, and enjoyed a gorgeous warm March day!

She decided to also make cupcakes, and decorated them. We are big fans of "Cupcake Wars", so Rach came up with her own design for her cupcakes. They were vanilla cupcakes with a caramel center, frosted with a cream cheese frosting she found on Pinterest, drizzled with caramel and them she melted white chocolate and added some food coloring to add to the top of the cupcake. Brilliant!
We have been thoroughly enjoying our warm spring with being outside playing softball, volleyball, and just hanging out on the patio. I am especially excited for this summer. After 10.5 years of doing daycare out of my home, I have decided to hang up the hat. I will be done with daycare June 1 and plan on taking the summer off to hang with my girls. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am about this decision. This fall I will find something part time, as all three girls are in school. Doing daycare has worked so well for me to be able to stay home with my girls, but I'm ready for my new "venture" in the job world!

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