Mar 1, 2012

Kid Lunches

My kids are *pretty* easy to feed. Kind of. Rachel (the oldest) will pretty much eat anything, or at least try anything), Emma (the middle) will try anything, and eat most nothing. Just kidding, but she is a bit of a picky eater, she's not a huge fan of meat, but will scarf down double helpings of pheasant wild rice hotdish. I know. Strange kid. Alayna will eat any and all fruits/veggies, but is also not a fan of meat. She is also the one who needs to eat frequently, as in every half hour. Add in the hubs who has gut issues anytime he eats cream sauces, pasta and breads and it makes for a super fun time planning meals! Fortunately I am not the type to make different meals for each kid (hubby included), what I make is it, you can eat it or be hungry.

Now, lunch meals I feel a bit differently about. I make sure they get a nutritious breakfast, but unless I pack a lunch, I am hoping that they eat what the school serves. We are pretty lucky to have a *semi* decent lunch menu. However, with three kids in school, it gets spendy. I am going to try and make most of their lunches, and have now become completely obsessed with these bento type lunches. How fun are those? I love the idea of making the lunches fun, which (I think) encourages them to eat more.

So here was today's lunch:

I know, fancy right?? (umm, no) I had these muffin liners that work great for keeping foods separate. So today she had a hard boiled egg, summer sausage and cheese cubes on toothpicks, goldfish and fresh veggies. I had a separate container for ranch (which I am going to start making from scratch) that I also put in her lunch bag. There are sooooooooo many super cute and fun additions you can add, like little picks, egg molds and of course super fun cookie cutters to cut out fun sandwiches of course! I have a whole pinterest board now full of these fun lunches, and I am excited to get more ideas and stuff to get going!

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