Apr 3, 2012


With this being Holy Week, I am really trying to incorporate something everyday to teach the girls about what all transpired this week for Jesus. I found this great blog last week and loved how she incorporated a daily Bible reading and a craft to teach kids about Holy Week.

Ok, so this first picture is not from her blog, but I found this bunny craft on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun one for Alayna to make for her teacher. We will fill it with candy and give it to her tomorrow. And because my child can't sit still and do one thing for longer that 30 seconds, she decided to staple some scrap paper together to make the letter E. She also got the paints out and painted a picture and then got dried beans out to play with. This was all within 5 minutes. Seriously. Summer could be a long three months....

Here is what we did for Sunday and Monday. Very simple crafts, but it makes the Bible readings more real for the girls.

We also decided to make prayer eggs. I had the girls write down several prayer requests and folded them up and put them inside the eggs. Everyday we opened one or two eggs and then the girls would pray for the requests. It's so fun to hear the different levels of praying that each of them have (especially for Alayna who wanted to pray for her bangs because they were going to get cut...) and how much they have grown!

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