Nov 14, 2010

When Someone Touches Your Heart

I had a fantastic weekend, full of fun on so many different levels. Friday night we had a friend's birthday bash complete with a party bus, loud music and a stripper pole. Yes, you heard right, a stripper pole. *sigh*. Despite that (and no I didn't actually dance around it), the extremely loud music and far too much dancing (did I mention that I had a hard time walking on Saturday?), it was a lot of fun. Thankfully I won't have to do that again any time soon...

Saturday we got our first snowfall of the season, the heavy wet kind. The girls had a blast making a snowman and trying to beam me in the head with a snowball. Did I mention it was heavy and wet? Thought I did... We also started celebrating the holidays, by watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I LOVE this movie. I think we watched it at least 12 times last year!

Today the girls and I went to church, I absolutely crave this time to sit alone in church and just "be". The girls go to Children's Church during our service, and as selfish as it sounds, I love it:) Sitting in front of me was a young man who has Down's Syndrome. His name is Timmy and I love watching his enthusiasm for Christ. He gets so excited while the worship team sings and it's precious to watch. So today I sat behind him and his mother. He would look back at me and smile big. During one of the songs, he turned around and grabbed my hand and held it through the rest of the song. I cannot even begin to tell you the simple, incredible joy that I felt during this moment. Tears came to me eyes, and I fought like mad to keep them at bay. At the end of the service, he turned and gave me a bear hug.

Watching him and his mother, I learned something. I saw the incredible love that this mother has for her son, and how even with his outbursts, she accepted him for who he is. I thought of my own girls and how certain things make me CRAZY, and how quickly I can get bent out of shape. The lesson I learned today was that we are all different people, from different walks of life. As much as I want my kids to do everything my way, and others to believe in the same things I do, it's just not possible.

I wish we could all see the world through Timmy's eyes. Can you imagine what our world would be like? Maybe the next time we feel ourselves ready to blow, we can think of Timmy and remember the joy and happiness we ALL have in our lives!


Rainy Day Farm said...

What a great post. Glad you had such a special moment with Timmy. Handicaped people are the best. I always think they are angels in desguise, because they are so sweet.
I think I need to recommend Children's church at ours. I wrestled my 2 year old for over an hour and got very little out of the messages.

Jo's Health Corner said...

A wonderful post!
Sometimes I think we all complain too much and don't appreciate things or people the way they are...

Missy said...

What a beautiful post.
I love seeing Jesus through the eyes of a child or someone with a disability. They do not have the inhibitions that most of us have and they are not afraid to worship and show their love for our Father.