Nov 8, 2008

Quick update

Just thought I would check in quick, as I *should* be writing, but I have a serious case of "don't-like-my-story-need-new-ideas". Ugh. This story is sooooo booooring. Although, it's 14,751 words of boring:) I just need to think of a great plot right now, and my brain is fried today. I actually spent a day doing, nothing. I really think I needed that though. This month has been insane so far, and it just started! Why oh why can't they do like February for National Novel Writing Month??!! Oh well, I shant complain too much.

I made some absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS pumpkin scone today, and I will try and post the recipe sometime this weekend. They are soooo good. The girls gobbled them up. I figured it was a nice quick breakfast for my deer hunter too. (Who, I might add got a doe at about 6:46 this morning!!) Tonight I made a recipe from my Rachael Ray magazine, it was called Chicken with Peas and Mushrooms. I'm sure it would have been fantastic if my mushrooms weren't rotten, and I would have actually had onions! It wasn't half bad, the kids did eat it, but I was bummed I didn't have the ingredients. I substituted green peppers for the onions, and left out the mushrooms. I didn't need the family puking all night.

Our fridge went out on Thursday. For those that don't know, we've been in our house for 3 years, (newly built) and have had issues with every.single.appliance. First it was the oven, (which we ended up getting another one) then it was the dishwasher, (they let us trade it in for a Bosch) then our microwave stopped showing the display, and now our fridge went kaput. I was making lunch when it hissed like someone let air out of a balloon. And it stunk. The fix-it man came out and said that liquid had seeped all the way down and burnt out some little electric board thing. (Hmm, I had warned Brad that I spilled some beef broth, oops...) So he fixed it and left. Then when we went to unplug it again to clean behind it, it hissed again. Brad called the guy to come back, and he after looking at it, he said that the "liquid" actually burnt a hole in the compressor. Lovely. In his 28 years of fixing, it's only the second time he's seen this happen. Isn't that just magical? Good grief. So, we ware without a fridge until late next week. Thank goodness for the beer fridge!

So, that's us in a nut shell, or rather, me in a nut shell. The girls are fab, keeping us busy:) Pray that my writing block subsides, lol....

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