Nov 4, 2008


Here are the pics of the girls on Halloween. It was such a beautiful night, but we were bummed that a lot of people that we normally would sit and chat with for awhile, were not home. The girls still had fun though, and Alayna was pretty excited that people actually GAVE her candy! One of the first houses we went to, Alayna went up to the door, and I asked her, "What do you say?" Her response was, "thank you", and she turned around to leave before they put anything in her bucket, it was too cute!!
Saturday night Brad and I had a couples Halloween party at Craig and Heather's. We dressed up as Adam and Eve:) It was pretty fun! My camera is done, but I'm waiting for one of the others to email me pics so I can post them. It was a great time! I made a kitty litter cake for dessert. It's just a box of spice cake mix, white cake mix that you crumble up into a (new, and very clean) litter box, then mix some vanilla pudding and crushed vanilla cookies in. You take about a cup of the crushed cookies and add some green food coloring, then sprinkle that on top. The fun part is adding the tootsie rolls as cat turds. You melt them for a few seconds in the microwave and shape them to look like poop. My girls loved it! You buy a new poop scooper to scoop out the dessert. I took it to the farm on Sunday as we had the Halloween party for the kids there, and all the kids were so grossed out!
In other news, there isn't much to report. November started National Novel writing Month for me. I had no real determination to achieve the 50,000 word goal, but once I started, I'm all in now! I'm at almost 9,000 words so far!
That's about all I have, have a wonderful week!!
P.S. I caught Fluffy red handed in the candy. naughty little cat...

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