Oct 5, 2008

Rainy Sunday

It's a yucky rainy Sunday, although I love this weather. Makes you wanna keep your jammies on all day and snuggle up with a good book:)

The girls and I had Sunday School this morning. I really enjoy teaching this year, I think last year I was still trying to learn the ropes and trying to get to know all the kids. This year I know them, and they all know me, so it's much less "work". We started a new Sunday School curriculum called Bible Song last year. Basically, the program is all set up each week, so there isn't a lot of prep work for the teachers. For the first half of the hour we are in the main fellowship hall in the Sunday School area. We learn the story, a Bible verse, and a song. Then we head back to the rooms for "Art Attack". There is a different craft each week. I have been recruited this year for helping plan the craft activities. I should really start that soon...

We came home and I made our usual Sunday brunch, eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, toast. Then I set out to can the tomatoes. I got four beautiful jars canned and will probably forbid anyone to use them! Haha!! I remember the last time I canned tomatoes Brad would go into the pantry to grab a jar and I would stop him. Seriously, do you have any idea how LONG that took me??!!! I look forward to having a garden next year, so many things I want.

Rachel asked me this morning what my favorite supper was when I was a kid. It took me about two seconds to say, STRETCHERS!!!!. She thought it was a little odd, but I am determined now to make them within the next couple weeks. All it was was frozen bread dough that mom thawed, let rise, and cut into pieces about the size of a sandwich, maybe? She then fried it in oil until done, and then we would eat them with grape jelly. YUMMM!! She would also serve cold hotdogs (Brad thinks that's really weird, but he's also the one who doesn't like orange jello with carrots and celery. I mean, come on, who DOESN'T like that jello salad??!!) and cheese chunks. My favorite breakfast would be fried donuts, like the ones at Chinese buffets. Tube biscuits with the center cut out, fried and rolled in sugar. I have made those before.

I am off to Barnes and Noble now, but I will post our menu for this week...

Monday- Spaghetti Carbonara, homemade bread

Tuesday- Pork Chop Cheddar Bake

Wednesday- Split Pea and Ham Chowder

Thursday- Savory Steak- done in the slow cooker, we have conference that night

Friday- We're going to see the band Hairball in Sauk Center- for those of you who don't know who they are, they are an 80's cover band that plays all the good hair band songs. They dress up as the artist they are singing. It's a RIOT! We saw them in Andover a few weeks back, and this time we rented a bus to take us there and bring us back. Should be a great time!
P.S. I included my four fab jars of tomatoes along with the Joy of Cooking Canning book where I get my canning recipes. I love the photographs as much as the recipes! And of course, my three squirts with their pumpkin tie-dyed shirts!


Donna said...

Your father & I decided that you should host a show where you cooked something, did a craft, shared your homespun wisdom, tips, memories from childhood, etc.

Your "Fricken Chicken" is in the oven but of course I didn't have everything so had to substitute...never fails! Had only 1 can of soup & abt 1 c. sr cream so ended up using about 2 c. of cottage cheese w/chives. Should work, huh?

Looking for a "special" snack? Ever tried frying cheerios in butter? It was Laurie's (I work with her) families favorite snack growing up.

Cara said...

Ya, but that would require work:) I love doing this though, maybe I could find a newspaper to pay me to write this??!!! LOL

Fried cheerios??? That actually sounds really good!!