Oct 11, 2008

A Beautiful Day!

Today was the most beautiful Fall day of the whole year! (Minus the darn flying ladybugs and boxelder bugs:( The girls were at Moms overnight as we went to see the band Hairball in Sauk Center last night. It was a blast! The place was PACKED, 1200 people. 1200 stupid drunk, young, beer spilling, bad come-ons people. Good grief. It was fun for one night, but I don't need to do that anytime soon:)

I picked the girls up around 3:00 and we headed over to Collegeville (where St.John's University is) to the Collegeville Orchards. They were very busy, but we had such a great time! They have a small petting zoo, pumpkin patch, and a lovely store with lot's of local specialties, like honey, jams, sauces, homegrown veggies, etc. We bought a pumpkin bread mix, blueberry muffin mix, an essential oil candle and a bag of apples from their orchard. Yumm!! We made the blueberry muffins tonight, as Brad and Rachel are going duck hunting in the morning. Here are the pics of the girls, unfortunately they were not very photogenic today, lol!! I don't know what is up with Alayna's "smile"!! Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and a perfect day to go out there, the colors are spectacular!

Brad got the pontoon and is bringing over to Glenwood to some friend's of ours who have a cabin and a huge shed. he's going to store it there for the winter. He wasn't overly thrilled to have to do anything today, teehee. Tomorrow I am teaching Sunday School, and my only real plans are to go to a new store in Sauk Rapids, they buy old furniture and refinish it and sell it. Tonia got a gorgeous entertainment center (although that's not what it's called, but I can't think of the name right now!!) for super cheap, so I'm excited to check it out. I'm going to attempt split pea soup in the crockpot, I'll let you know how it turns out!!

P.S. Hmm, it's not letting me add an image, I'll try again tomorrow....

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