Feb 8, 2017

Workin It Wednesdays

Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika for a another Workin' It Wednesday.  Today is "Keeping Your Marriage Strong".

Brad and I have been married for almost 19 years.  It sounds crazy, actually, to type that out.  19 years is a LONG time, but I am SO glad God brought us together!

We met on a blind date and while we had our share of dating troubles, we managed to survive!  One of the biggest things I remember from our wedding day, was when my dad and I were getting ready to walk down the isle, and I thought, "what if we hate each other in 2 years?  What if we aren't the people we thought we were??"  I felt a little panicky, not gonna lie.  My parents were married for over 20 years and then divorced.  I was afraid that would be us.

Thankfully, God knew what he was doing when he paired us!!  Do we have the ideal perfect marriage?  Nope.  Is our life just soooo "hashtag blessed" all the time?  Hell no.  But I will say that for now, we have a decent handle on this thing called marriage.

So, what do we do to keep our marriage strong?

We make time together.  Period.  Now, I will say the last few months have been absolutely CRAZY, and we have really failed in this department, but that's life.  It happens.

Brad and I are both early risers, so we like to get up early and drink coffee while catching up on work, kids, life.  We used to have our evenings together, but with 3 kids, 2 of which are teenagers, we are usually in bed before they are, haha!

Spring/Summer/Fall is our favorite, because we love sitting on the porch in the mornings.  It's SO peaceful and there are no distractions.  

We will also go out to eat at least once a month.  With the girls' crazy schedules, it's something we now have to literally plan.

Another thing that's huge is communication.  You HAVE to talk to each other, everyday!  Again, it's so easy to high five each other on the way to and from somewhere, but you have to actually talk.  Even after 19 years of marriage, my feelings (and his!) still get hurt, and 99% of the time it's from poor communication.  He needs to know how I feel about certain things, and if I've learned anything in this marriage, it's that HE CANNOT READ MY MIND!!!  I still struggle with that sometimes...

I am so happy that God entrusted us together.  When I look back on how we started out, it's amazing we got this far!  But there is no one in the world I would rather come home to, he is truly my best friend and soul mate.  

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Cait Elisabeth said...

haha love some of these captions like ' the wife is always right ' ;) Really enjoyed your post! I hope you can check my post out as well!

My Boy Mom Blog said...

19 years...you get all the praise hands!!! Seriously, Congrstulations! Marriage is something that should so be celebrated and in this day, I often feel like the majority of people view it more as an obligation. Happy Hump Day!

Joe and Britt Hensley said...

Love this post so much! God is so good!!

Joe and Britt Hensley said...

Love this post so much! God is so good!!

A Gal Named Al said...

"He can't read my mind!" AMEN! :)