Apr 27, 2015

Emma's 12th Birthday

Emma Jo turned 12 on the 23rd, I love watching my girls on their birthdays, it's so fun to remember how exciting they are!  We didn't do a whole lot on her birthday since it was a Thursday, but we did go out for supper, and that's always fun!

This girl is SUCH a joy!  She has such a big sensitive heart, but don't let that fool you, she is very spunky and can handle her own!  She has a very funny, but sometimes dry sense of humor that sometimes takes you off guard, haha!  Her favorite thing in the whole world is reading, most of her spare time is spent in a book (so like her mother).  She also loves crafting, as you will see with her birthday decorations.  She really wants to be a doctor or physical therapist and would love to work with the elderly someday.  We are extremely proud of this girl!

She decided to invite 3 girls to spend the night, and her theme was Paris.  She found most of the ideas on Pinterest, and make a few signs.

For supper we had them make their own french bread pizzas and we also had french fries.  I bought white canvases and had them paint their own Eiffel Towers (I'm so mad I didn't get a pic of the finished paintings!).

Another one of Emma's signs...

We had a lot of fun decorating, I always buy my decor from Oriental Trading Company.  You can get a lot of stuff for cheap!

The girls sat in the hot tub for about an hour, loved hearing all the giggling and singing.

These girls are so sweet, they get along so well and so far, NO DRAMA!  Yay!

I think the best part of the night was at 9:30 when our power went out.  The girls freaked out, but we ended up having a blast!

What's better than eating chips and playing, "I'm going camping and I'm going to bring..."  Finally at 11:15, I was ready for bed, so we got them settled down with flashlights.  The lights came on around 2:30, so Brad got up to turn everything off haha!

For breakfast I made beignets, and oh my word were they delicious!  And very easy to make...

I think Ms. Emma had a wonderful birthday!

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