Aug 28, 2014

This Girl...

Yes this is an old pick from the 4th of July, but I forgot to take a pic with her and I last night.  This kid is something else, I tell ya!

Last night was supposed to be "Mom and Emma" night.  We were going to go to Barnes and Noble (her FAVE place to be) and browse books and do some other shopping.  Brad was taking the other 2 and some friends tubing.  Unfortunately Brad had the van keys with him, so shopping did not happen...

She was so bummed, tears streamed down her face.  I told her that she could pick a movie to watch and that we would do some baking.

We made a new recipe, Carrot Banana Bread (from Mels Kitchen Cafe) which was delicious!  We also whipped up a batch of peach and banana smoothies.

We watched Titanic and ate popcorn, it was such a fun night with her!  She told me that it was more fun than going shopping:)  LOVE that kid!

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