Aug 8, 2014


This summer has flown by, I cannot believe that in a few short weeks the girls will be back in school...makes me sad...kind of.  I love my children dearly, and have honestly (no really) enjoyed having them home.  My house gets (kind of) cleaned, I get help with laundry, and we've gotten to do some fun things.  However, the bickering is getting old, getting asked 47,000 times a week if we can go shopping (by all 3, mind you.  Not sure how one person who HATES shopping gives birth to 3 who love it...), and I swear if Rachel shows me one more damn Coach purse on Ebay that she wants to buy, I might just snap. 

In spite of that, we have thoroughly enjoyed summer, especially our new boat.  Lots of nights taking the girls and cousins tubing on the lake.

 I am sure my chiropractor will love seeing how out of whack my girls are after a summer of getting knocked around in the tube, haha!

We had tons of fun at our friends 40th birthday party.  The theme was 80's.  Um hello, it's totally my fave decade.  The 20's come in a close second...I think I was originally from the 20's, just sayin...

Brad dressed up as our friend Craig, who was the 1988 homecoming king, hilarious!  I was the lady from Flashdance.

All the pretty ladies dressed up, LOVE these gals!

One of Alayna's lists.  This girl cracks me up!  Chredmeal....classic...

And lastly, having fun at the Schroeder family reunion at the farm.  The kiddos played a game of softball, so fun to watch!

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