Jun 10, 2014

Summer is Here!

Summer vacation is finally here!  The girls have been counting down the days for the last couple weeks...sleeping in, no homework, being lazy.  Funny how on day one they were already complaining about being bored...*sigh*.

I have a list of things they need to do everyday:  Reading for an hour, workbooks, chores, and of course plenty of playtime.  Emma couldn't believe that they would have to do chores for a full half hour EVERYDAY!  Such a horrible mom am I...

Alayna has taken up cooking with me.  Yes she has a knife, she actually uses it quite well!  She loves to add the ingredients to whatever we're making.  A couple nights ago I made hobo packets for the grill and she loved putting all the ingredients together.  I do think it makes her more willing to try new foods if she's helped make them.

Thursday nights Rachel has softball practice, so I take the other two to the splashpad which is right next door.  Emma reads while Alayna plays.

I think I need to bring a friend, she doesn't quite know what to do by herself, haha!

We made these super yummy smores cups.  I'm not a smores fan, but these were delicious!

Alayna's favorite teacher ever, Mr. Beneke!  We were so blessed that all three of our girls had him, he is truly an amazing teacher that absolutely LOVES what he does.

On the last day of school I took the day off and spent the morning in Alayna's class.  She made Mr. Beneke a wooden wall hanging that has his inital on it and got him a gift card to Barnes and Noble.  My niece Madalyn had 8th grade graduation which was SO nice, and makes me so sad that Rachel's turn will be next year, ugh.

I had lunch with all three girls and then helped out at the school carnival.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day!  After school I took them to cone castle for some ice cream and then promptly dropped them off to enjoy a cold beer at the La with friends!

Happy summer!

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