Jun 7, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

For the first time in a looooong time, we actually had gorgeous weather for Memorial weekend!  Friday night we headed up to Padua to spend the night with friends at their cabin.  The girls had a blast playing the game Tensie (its a dice game) and bumping the volleyball around.

Saturday we hung out at their cabin with our group of friends and enjoyed the weather!  We left there around 9 and headed home to get a good night of sleep.

Sunday we went to the camper for the rest of the weekend and were super stoked to get the new boat on the water! It was too cold to tube, but we thoroughly enjoyed cruising!  Of course we won't talk about my husband forgetting to put the plug in and water in the boat....

Sunday night we enjoyed a nice campfire, Grandpa had taken the girls to Dairy Queen, so we didn't do s'mores.

It was a gorgeous night!

The kids were exhausted and I think we were all in bed by 10!

Alayna's highlight of the weekend was getting to use her new fishing rod!  They had some luck and caught some good sized crappies.

Such a great start to summer vacation!!!

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