Feb 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Well, now that everyone has come down from their sugar highs (or comas), I thought I would show you what we (ok, more of an *I*) made for Valentine's Day. Alayna is in Kindergarten this year (all day everyday...WOOT WOOT....oops, did I say that?) and her teacher asked that no treats be brought in, as there are a few kids with allergies. I needed to come up with an alternative, and was pretty excited and what we (I) did. For the girls we made heart wands, which were actually pretty easy. I used my Cricut to cut out the hearts, and then had the girls decorate them.

For the boys I was bummed because I was all set to make these superhero capes to put on tootsie roll suckers. How cute are those?? But now I had to find something different to use instead of the suckers. Bum-dinger. I decided to go with plain ole pencils. Definitely not as cute as hers, but it worked!

And of course it looked ohhhh so super easy to make, but ended up taking me a couple hours of cutting, re-cutting and hot gluing (and maybe a swear word or two) to get these pups done. Alayna loved them, and that's all that matters. 'Cuz we know dang good and well that the pencils will never get used and the kids will say, "oh, neat" and throw them aside. *sigh* it's the memories, though, right?

These were just for Alayna's class, I have that whole over achiever disease when it comes to my kids and Kindergarten. As if I need to try and impress 24 five and six year olds. For the other two we went all cheap, Rachel got them conversation heart boxes, and Emma used 4 year old High School Musical cards I already had. Ya, didn't need to impress the older kids, ya know....


{ L } said...

Oh! Those super hero capes are AWESOME! My boys would love them. :)

Missy said...

Those are so cute! Much better then the store-bought ones my kids were stuck with. =)