Jan 7, 2012

Today's Projects

Today was a good day for making a few projects I had found. This snowman idea comes from the blog "How Does She", and of course there's look a lot cuter than mine. Rachel asked why my snowman was so wide, *sigh*, because I don't have the power tools like others do. I just so happened to have these three sizes of wood in my craft bin. Score! The girls helped me sand and paint the pieces before I covered them with scrapbook paper. I think it turned out cute!

The next one is made from toilet paper rolls, love this one! I needed something to hang in my bathroom in between the two mirrors. This worked perfect.

I've seen this floating around in blogland and pinterest, and can't believe how easy it was. I measured and marked where I wanted to cut the roll (I measured so the cut pieces would be even), hot glued them together and then glued the flower to a piece of scrapbook paper.

Easy peasy! Although you would have thought my girls would have lasted longer than the five minutes they helped me...

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