Nov 17, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for my church. Sometimes it might be a bit over the top (hubs might think that's putting it mildly), as it's a very charismatic church full of people ready and waiting to praise the Lord.

I grew up in a couple different denominations, Lutheran and Methodist. We actually moved to Kentucky for 4 years while my parents were missionaries. So in my years, I have seen a LOT, the good and the bad. Seeing people raising their hands and shouting out in worship doesn't phase me. What I love the most about this church is how they have embraced us. I knew more people in one year from this church that I ever knew in 9 years of attending a previous church.

My girls are thriving in their youth church, and I have met some UH-MAZING women in my Wednesday night Bible study. No one acts holier-than-thou, and even though each of us is in a different walk in our faith, we are all there to learn TOGETHER. I can't tell you how much this has meant to me over the last two years. When I walk into church, I feel like I'm home, and to me, that is how church should be:)

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Sharing Shadymont said...

I so agree with you. I like to feel welcomed at church. I grew up in a charismatic church and love seeing people praise God. Thanks for sharing your post. We all need to thank and praise God for all our blessings.