Dec 1, 2010

The Season of Advent

I really can't believe that today is December 1st! We had an incredibly beautiful fall, but it seemed to fly by. Now begins the crazy month of Christmas. I hear people daily talking about how they wished they could skip this season, and that makes me sad. I LOVE this time of year. Love. I love the music, the sights, the smells. Absolutely everything.

My biggest complaint with this season is keeping our girls focused on the REAL meaning of Christmas, and not making it all about the gifts. We started doing an advent calender last year. I used my Cricut machine to make red and green tags, and then covered those with Christmas scrapbook paper. I got this great idea from Hattie over at Little Red Roost

She shared a great download of the scripture verses to attach to the tags. Each morning the girls take turns picking the right tag for the day (they are numbered) and read the scripture.
After we read the scripture, I have folded pieces of paper in a bowl that they get to pick out of. Each piece of paper has something fun for them to do, such as a pedicure night with mom (at home of course:), game night with mom and dad, cooking with mom, etc. They look forward to this every year, and it's nice to read the scripture about how Jesus came to be. Hopefully they are learning something from this, haha!!

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Hattie said...

So cute! I love how you added the bowl of family time gifts. What a sweet tradition for your girls :-)