Jun 11, 2010

Summer Camp

My sweet baby girl (she's on the left) left for summer camp yesterday morning. She was super excited, and also a little nervous (Mom was a wreck). She went with her very best friend Lucy, and I cannot wait to hear all the details of how much fun they had! Of course we are being bombarded by thunderstorms, so Mom lay awake most of the night wondering how she was doing:) I have wonderful memories of Bible camp, and am so excited that she is now going to experience those memories.

Our first week of summer vacation went very well, despite my temper tantrum at 8:30 am Monday morning (Rachel and Emma thought it would be fun to see how much fighting/arguing they could do on the first day of vacation. Isn't that a riot???!!!!). Once I informed them how summer vacation was going to go, it's been a great week! We've been busy with craft projects,
science experiments and lots of reading. I am amazed at what little readers I have on my hands. Rachel (going into 4th grade) has never been to keen on reading, she's good at it, but it isn't the first thing on her list to do when she is bored. Emma (going into 2nd) is the opposite, she reads ALL.THE.TIME. We went to the library on Tuesday and stocked up on books, she got 3 Junie B. Jones chapter books, and read one of the books that night already! I love it. And being the little competitor that Rachel is, she couldn't let her sister have all the glory, so now SHE reads all the time!!

I am very proud of my girls (Alayna too, even if she makes me want to pull out my hair piece by piece) and the people they are becoming, I can't wait to see what is yet to come! Well, maybe I can wait, yikes!

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