Mar 2, 2009


I didn't realize it had been so long since I did an entry. Oops. Life has been a bit crazy the last few weeks, but hopefully things are calming down now! I am praying sooooo hard for Spring to come early. I am so sick of this weather. The kids all have snotty noses, bad coughs, and are crabby. I keep looking at my pics from last summer, and thinking of how soon summer will come. *sigh*

I am including a picture of Alayna today, I love this picture of her, it's with her scarf that her Grandma Donna made for her for Christmas, and a lovely pair of slippers. *chuckle* If you can't tell, they are slippers made out of sanitary pads. They were made for me by my wonderful step mother! Alayna is pretty much always in a leotard of some sort, and the kids does an amazing front flip and cartwheels! (She actually does a cartwheel better than her sisters who are both in gymnastics, but don't tell anyone)
I promise to post more often. Unfortunately the humor isn't hitting me this week, instead it's the bitchiness. Ack! I blame it on the weather. Brad blames it on the fact that I'm a woman. Seriously, whatever dude, like you know anyway. See what I mean? I told you it wasn't good, lol...

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