Mar 12, 2009

It's Friday! (sort of)

Ahhh, today is my Friday (as far as work goes)! Brad and I took tomorrow off, as the kids have been on Spring break all week. We are going to a water park in Otsego tomorrow night which should be a lot of fun! it is going to be an incredibly busy weekend, however. We come back Saturday, and then Sunday I teach Sunday School, then we'll head over the MAC (Municipal Arena Center) for Rachel's skating birthday party, then out to eat, then come home and get ready for her birthday party with Brad's family. Whew! it will be a busy one!

For Rachel's birthday, she invited 5 friends to go ice skating which should be interesting. I haven't ice skated since I was in middle school. I hope I don't make a complete fool out of myself! We made her gift bags yesterday. I had white paper bags on hand, which Rachel decorated with snowflakes, then I punched two holes at the top and tied them with ribbon. Rachel made some homemade cocoa to put in the bags, and I had bought some lipglosses, pads of paper, and pens to fill the bags with. Turned out super cute. I will make her cake on Saturday, she wants a light blue circle cake with ice skates drawn on the top. Now, I may be crafty, but that does NOT mean I can draw. Good grief, we'll see how that goes, lol.

Brad is finally home after a work trip to Vegas. He left Sunday and got home yesterday afternoon. So nice to have him back. He conveniently was gone while we got the snowstorm, so his older brother Mike came over to plow the driveway. I was already out shoveling the sidewalk. We ended up having to shovel some of the five foot snow drift before he could plow! Good golly!
I included a pic of Rachel and Emma in their scarves and hats that Brad's aunt Linda made, aren't they adorable!!!

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