Feb 9, 2009

A great weekend!

Back to Monday, *sigh*. Why do weekends have to go so darn fast? I had a fabulous weekend! Saturday morning I took the girls to Barnes and Noble for a Valentines Day party. They had story time, crafts and cookies for the kids. We there for about 2 hours. Nothing better than spending the morning with my kids in a bookstore sipping a mocha! After B&N, we went home, ate some lunch and got out all the scrap booking stuff. The girls worked on valentines for Grandparents and their class, and I worked on a scrapbook for my Grandma and Grandpa. I used a chipboard book and created the pages, it really turned out great, and I can't wait for them to get it! This weekend I am going to work on one for my Grandma Trellis:) I thought it would be nice for them to have a mini scrapbook of my kids.

In the afternoon we made a run to Crafts Direct (my other favorite place to be, sorry checking account). Brad got home about 6:00 from Orlando (he flew out there for work on Wed.) and we ordered pizza. It was great to have him home! That night we played games with the girls until it was bedtime, I am *this* close to finishing Perfection, lol. Sunday morning the girls and I had Sunday School, it was my turn to teach. Brad made his usual Sunday brunch, and then he took the girls to the farm so I could have some "mom" time in the afternoon. I did some more scrap booking, and watched the documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth". Fascinating!

It was just a super nice relaxing weekend, something I was in desperate need of. It is definitely getting easier when Brad is gone, either its just that I am so used to it, or its that the girls are at easier ages now. Out of the three girls, Alayna was the one asking when daddy was coming home!


Donna said...

Cara, I just LOVE your blog! Sounds like a great wknd--mine was too. I love weekends when I can putz with my hobbies. And the memory books for Harvey, Naomi and Trellis is soooo thoughtful. They will love them. Just wanted to tell you that we tried the one-skillet lasagna yesterday w/reduced water...excellent! It's so nice to have a recipe tester like you out there. Have a great week! Donna

Cara said...

Oh, thanks:) I love writing it, and I love that people are reading it, lol!!