Jun 28, 2008

Enjoy The Sound

If you stop and listen, you can hear a wonderful sound. Hear it? No? Neither can I, that's the sound of SILENCE! Yes, no sound at all, except some classical music playing in the background, and the hum of my dryer. My mom called yesterday to see if they could take the girls (yes all three) to the lake for the weekend. Umm, let me think, YES!! They came around 11:00 this morning, and will bring them back tomorrow afternoon. The girls were soooooo excited to go, they were up at 6:30 this morning. Anyway, the house is so unusually quiet, but I feel so relaxed! Brad and I have to go into town later and get some groceries, and then tonight we are going to cook some steaks on the grill, and maybe watch a movie later. I have "There Will Be Blood" recorded from PPV.

It's just such a strange thing to be in your home for over 24 hours with just you and your husband! No one to wake us up at 7:00, no one whining for their "nuni". It's pure bliss. Don't get me wrong, I love my children dearly, and I can guarantee you by tonight I will be sorely missing them. It's just that you tend to forget what it's like to be married, and not just a mom, ya know??!!

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