Mar 29, 2020

Well Hello!

Well, well, well.  Look at me posting after what, 5 ish months?  I always had good intentions, but then, life.

So being that we are all quarantined, I figured no better time than now to start back up!

Here in Minnesota we are on a 2 week stay-in shelter order that started on Friday.  The girls have been out of school for 2 weeks already and Brad has been working from home as well.  I am fortunate enough that my business will remain open (we manufacture large asphalt plant equipment) so I get out of the house everyday!  I am truly so grateful for that normalcy.  This is our busy season right now so that paired with this pandemic (I work in HR), my days are flying by.

This weekend we tried to think of different things we can do to have some fun.  First off was bread making day.  I hadn't made homemade bread in forever, so it was fun to get back into it!

Old picture, but this is what it looked like, nothing beats homemade bread!

Saturday was supposed to be a surprise 50th for one of our good friends, but of course was cancelled.  We decided to Zoom him for a surprise virtual happy hour!  I miss my peeps.   On Tuesday us girls did a Zoom happy hour, so fun.  I think the best part was all of us trying to figure out how the app worked!!

For supper we made hamburger gravy, mashed potatoes, corn and homemade bread, soooo good.
After supper we decided to bring the bean bags in the house and play.  Outside was a mix of rain/snow and super windy, so no outside time for us.
We blasted the tunes and just had fun.

After bags we headed downstairs to play darts and ate our weight in goldfish crackers.  Why are those things so damn good??!!

As hard and stressful as this time is, I am really just enjoying every minute with my fam.  Being mostly an introvert, I just love this time at home to slow down.  
Maci is also enjoying us all at home, haha....

In all this chaos, we just need to remember that God's in charge.  We will all be affected by this in some way or another, but I cannot let fear take over this sweet time with my husband and girls.  One of my favorite songs right now is "Raise A Hallelujah".  It is so so good.

Be like Maci, stop and smell the flowers....

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