Jul 8, 2018

4th Of July 2018

Another perfect July 4th is in the books!  Although, I still can't wrap my head around the fact it's July already, ugh...

I think we're all a little messed up with having the 4th on a Wednesday!  Brad and I both took Thursday off so going back to work on Friday felt like a Monday, haha.

Our town always has a huuuuuge July 4th celebration.  It's starts on the 3rd with a concert, food, games and beer.  We always go to my sister and brother in laws for supper then head up to the grounds.  Unfortunately the festival on the 3rd has gotten so big it's almost not fun anymore.  There was 20,000 people there this year (our town is 7,000)!!

If you've read my blog at all, then you know why I love the 4th so much.  22 years ago Brad proposed to me at the parade on the 4th!  He had my dad make the sign which they attached to the side of the firetruck.

I was completely taken off guard by this, he did so good!!

Our church puts on the festival and always asks for donations.  
Emma always bakes a cake and this year she baked this awesome red, white and blue tie dye cake!

We did walk up to the grounds around 9 so that we could watch the fireworks with the kids.

We were all wiped when we got home.  We were closely watching the weather and it wasn't looking so good for the parade.  We were up bright and early to check the radar and there was a huge line of storms coming.  We thought for sure the parade would be canceled and Alayna was devastated.  We decided to go anyway and it ended up being a PERFECT morning with no rain!  The sun only came out for a bit which was perfect because it was warm and muggy.

After the parade we played a few games, got some food and watched one of our favorite bands play.  The rain finally came around 1:00, so we headed home.
Brad's family was coming over in the afternoon to swim and hangout.  It rained for about an hour and then the sun ended up coming out for the rest of the day.  We couldn't have planned it better!

Emma and I made some patriotic snacks!

It was a  perfect (hot) afternoon/evening.  Typically we head to the farm for a campfire since they have such a huge bonfire area, but with all the rain it was too soggy.  We ended up staying here for a fire and it worked out perfect!

Brad lit off some fire works and the kids did some sparklers.

Such a perfect day, I'm always sad to see the 4th go.  Hope you all had an amazing week!!

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