Jun 9, 2016

Life Lately- April

I have had this post saved for awhile but for got to finish it, ha!
Here's a little look into our life lately in April...

Sisterly love....somedays they do like each other!  They are watching Grey's Anatomy and bonding.  So nice to see them together and quiet.  Not screaming.  Or eye rolling.  Or name calling.

Emma's bff's making mini pizzas for her birthday.

Our nephew got married the middle of April, loved how this pic turned out!

I hit a turkey on my way into work.  Who knew they could cause so much damage??

For National Administrative Day, our salesman stopped by Nadia Cakes to pick up a dozen cupcakes.  Oh.my.word.  SO good!!

Rachel and Emma went through gun training and had their field day, so Brad did some practicing with them.  Emma finally got over her fear of shooting a gun and did awesome.  Brad said she was Annie Oakley!

We poured a concrete slab last fall for a fire pit and finally got to use it, we love it!

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