Oct 13, 2015

Our Weekend

We had an absolutely AMAZING weekend!  Right now I am off on Fridays, so Friday was my "get caught up" day.  However, now that we are home most weekends, there really wasn't a whole lot to get caught up on.  Emma's BFF Kyleigh came and spent the weekend with us, they always have so much fun and she is truly my 4th daughter!
Saturday I decided to use up one of our gift cards and took them to Olive Garden.  So yummy!  After lunch we ran to Target for one thing and came out with $120 worth of stuff...seriously.  Although in my defense, I wanted to get snow pants and gloves while there was still a selection.

After Target we went to the Collegeville Apple Orchards to walk through their pumpkin patch and shop the store.  They had some live music (he played the hammered dulcimer, dad!)

It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day, except for the dive bombing lady bugs...ugh.

After the orchard we visited a stick house outside of St. Johns that was man made a few years back.  Alayna wanted me to get a picture of her jumping off the rock, haha...

She cracks me up!

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out, it really was a glorious weekend!  This week is a busy one, so I think we all needed the down time.

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