Feb 9, 2015

The Weekend- Alayna Addition

Another weekend has come and gone, we had no formal plans (which ended up being a busy weekend!) which was nice, but I also feel like I didn't get a whole lot done, which I guess is ok too.

Thursday night we had bingo night at school, Emma got one bingo, and the nice sister that she is, let mouse pick out the prize.  It was a painful hour of play by plays from the principle commenting on what each winner is picking for a prize.  Oh the things we do for our kids...

Saturday we picked up Kyleigh for the weekend (Emma's bff) and dropped mousey off at a birthday party.  Brad and I took the older 3 shopping.  Mistake #1 right there.  Never shop on a nice Saturday afternoon, everybody and there kin were there.  The mall was hot, too many people and I seriously lost my shit on the older 2 complaining.  Tons of fun.
We picked mouse up and went to church where I confessed my lack of patience.  I had to take this pic of mouse, because she's so damn cute with her boots.

Sunday afternoon the older 2 went to Grandmas to study, as we were having our internet worked on and the girls had to study on their ipads.  I bribed Alayna to stay with me by telling her that we would make elephant ears.  Yumm.  Growing up we called them stretchers and they are pretty much heaven on earth.  Alayna doused hers with sugar (you know, because she NEEDS more energy) but I slathered strawberry jam on mine.  Divine.

We may or may not have sent this pic to Rachel teasing her...

After indulging in our sugary carb comas, we played about 400 hands of rummy.  So even though I may not have a super clean house or my menu drawn up the week (hello pancakes for supper!) I thoroughly enjoyed my mousie time!

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