Jun 3, 2011

School's Out For The Summahhhhhh!!!

Yesterday was the girls' last day of school, I think they both had mixed emotions about it. They love summer, but also love school (thankfully!). Their school has an end of the year carnival every year with games, jumpies, face painting and snacks.

For the teacher gifts we made these flower pots for them. I spray painted some pots we had on hand (errrr, some that Emma had painted for fun, but have been sitting in the garage forever, shhhhh), and cut out flower shapes with my Cricut. I had the girls write their favorite things about their teachers on the petals. They had a lot of fun thinking of different things the teachers had done throughout the year. I added a Cold Stone Creamery gift card to one of the petals, and then they decorated the pots.
They really enjoyed making these, and it was such a fun and easy craft to do. Of course I waited until the last minute to do these (aka, the night before), but thankfully I had the stuff on hand.

After school they came home to a sign on the door congratulating them on a great school year, and then they enjoyed brownie pops for snack. I made a pan of brownies, scooped them out with a melon baller, rolled them into a ball shape, then dipped the bottoms in melted chocolate and sprinkles. Very easy, and very tasty!

I am glad they get the summer off to enjoy and play, although I am NOT looking forward to the fighting that will ensue, *sigh*. This weekend I am making them "summer fun" folders with activities, games, and things to do over summer break. I also signed up for a math website that has different math games for them to do. And of course a summer reading program through Scholastic books. I plan on keeping them on somewhat of a schedule for the summer. Ya right! It'll last a week, lol!!


Laurel said...

These are adorable! Fun ideas you have...
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too. Have a great summer :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I love the teacher gift idea! I am sure that the teachers will love it! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo