Mar 15, 2011

Let me tell you about Rachel.....

Yesterday (well technically the festivities started on Saturday and lasted all weekend...) we celebrated Rachel's 10th birthday. I know, I know, I couldn't possibly have a child THAT old, right? Well it's true. Can't believe that beautiful girl is 10 already. It's crazy to watch that little baby you created grow into this amazing, beautiful, smart, compassionate (unless it involves her sister, but that's a whole nother post...) young girl that is becoming her own person.
She is a lover of anything with fur. if you could see her closet right now, you would find about 800 Webkinz (okay, maybe that's a stretch), and other stuffed animals that she hoards. I am hoping to NOT see her on that show "Hoarding" in 20 years! She loves school, and excels at it. Her teachers have all commented on how well she gets along with others, and loves to help.
At home she is a HUGE help for me. She loves to cook, and frequently will make breakfast for the daycare kids. She tried her hand at making bread last week and it was a big success! She loves taking care of baby Jakob, and does very well. Sometimes I actually forget that she's only 10, she acts so grown up.
As wonderful as it is to watch her grow up, this whole parenting thing scares the beejeebers out of me. At least when they are little, you have reign over them, the older they get, you have to learn to let go a little more. We'll see how this goes:) I am PROUD to be her mom, and proud to see what an incredible person she is becoming!

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