Dec 10, 2009

Home For the Holidays

Welcome to our little slice of heaven! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, and I love nothing more than making my home cozy and warm while it's windy and cold outside! Speaking of outside, the ridiculous wind decided to make a mess of my things on the front porch, so once those are back to where they are supposed to be, I'll post a pic or two:) Walking in the front door is a Christmas tree that stays up year round. We love to decorate it for all the holidays, and the kids have a blast with it! For Christmas it is our "homemade" tree, all homemade ornaments. The only thing missing is the popcorn strings, guess we'll have to do that this weekend...
Walking into the living room, you'll see the focal point of the room, the fireplace. I sewed (and glued some) everyone's names and the decorations on the store bought stockings. The garland I found on clearance and added some clearanced glitter pomegranates.

On the coffee table is just a bough of frosted greenery and berry picks (pay no attention the the thousand or so fingerprints....), very simple

On one of the end tables is a wooden tray ($6 find) with an old looking clock and and a new greenery piece I just got. It's called yucca grass, and it came in the urn it's in. I added some of the glittery pomegranates and red balls as an accent.
Here is our Christmas tree (lots of light!), that we fondly call our "Griswold Family Christmas Tree". We had to buy a new tree last year (lets just say water in the basement and boxes don't get along well) and hubby found a deal at Sam's Club. It is beautiful, but that sucker has about a bazillion lights on it, you can see the electrical box spinning. The ornaments are all ones we've accumulated over the years. I also add red and gold balls, bows and beads.

From there you walk into the dining room, where my latest beauty sits:) Loved decorating that one up for the holidays!

This is on top of our cabinets, just more greenery and berry picks.

This is also in the dining room, a scrapbook page I did, and our advent calender tree. The lantern is my Grandpa's lantern that he used ti milk cows with when he was a boy. Very cool.

And that completes part of the tour! I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of our Home for the Holidays! Linking up to Rhoda's Home For the Holidays party, and Cheri's at It's So Very Cheri
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Kim said...

Beautiful! I'm hoping to post our "Christmas decorations" in the next couple of days!

Linda said...

Love how you used your Grandpa's treasures are the best! Merry Christmas!


Rue said...

Griswold family tree... LOL Love that!


Kim said...

I really like the arrangement with your grandfathers lantern.

Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

I love how you incorporated family heirlooms into your decorating. Your home is beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Its So Very Cheri said...

You have so many pretty things to look at. I just love how each person's style is different and unique to them. It is so fun getting to tour peoples homes'

Hattie said...

Your home looks lovely all dolled up for the season. I like the "Griswold" tree the best! Thanks so much for your encouraging comment - it's nice to know that most blogger girls are sweet and kind :-)