Apr 23, 2021

Emma #18


Today our beautiful Emma Jo turned 18 and I cannot believe she is officially an adult!  I can say that this is certainly not the senior year we had planned for you, but you have definitely made the best of it!

This is probably my favorite picture of Emma, so sweet and innocent, HA!


When the girls were little, I had this stupid goal of getting them helium #18 balloons on their 18th birthday, thinking of all the amazing photo ops.  When Rachel turned 18, there was a helium shortage, say what???  For real.  So when Emma turned 18 I was SO excited to get her the balloons.  I got everything set up before she woke up, took a quick picture, then accidentally popped the 8.  I almost lost my crap.  So now she's left with a 1.  I just told her that meant she's #1!!!


Emma has decided to go to St. Cloud State University here in St. Cloud which makes my momma heart VERY happy!  There was a bit of a snafu with the roommate situation, but I think she has it all figured out.  She is planning on going for nursing and is so excited to start her new adventure.  I was just so happy when she said she couldn't be too far from home, so sweet.  Until she said she couldn't be so far away from her dog....


Emma has always been my more sensitive one, but the older she gets the more outspoken and independent she gets haha!  She started working at the nursing home and I love how much she loves her residents already.  She has such a funny (and dry) sense of humor, she cracks us up on the daily.  I just love her spirit, she is fiercely loyal and loves her family so much.
And her dog.  She might love her Josie most of all.


I wish the last year looked different than it did but she adjusted so well and just made the most of it.  I'm grateful that she will get a prom this year and that we will get to be there for graduation.


Emma is crazy artistic, she made two of these signs for the coffee shop at Scheeles she does all the hand lettering.   Definitely gets that from her Grandpa Lynn!  


My biggest prayer for my girls is that they will find Jesus and discover their own faith.  Emma has grown so much in her faith over the last year.  Love it when my girls get me to go to church with them instead of me making them go!  One of our favorite Friday night things to do is jam out to our favorite Christian music.


Emma, we are so freaking proud of the young woman you've become!  Your love for Jesus, your family and your friends is so special and I cannot wait to see what God has planned for you.  I think if this last year has taught you anything, it's to go with the flow and make the best of everything.  You have had to make so many changes and adjustments and you've done it with grace!

We love you more than you will ever know...


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