Jun 30, 2009

Oh how I love technology AND great suppers!!!

So, a few weeks ago I mentioned that we got a laptop, which was great, until it quit working. Grrrr. So, yesterday Brad took it back in and they fixed it, something about the webcam (that I didn't even know we had) that can screw up these models, or something. When we first got the laptop, Brad wasn't able to get the wireless working, which was fine, and then he was gone off and on for a few weeks. Well now he figured it out and it is fabulous!! This morning I wanted a new recipe for pancakes so I flipped up my little laptop and clicked away while in the kitchen!! This is so awesome!! I feel so technologized:)

For breakfast I found a recipe for light and fluffy pancakes. They were really good and very fluffy. I might add a bit of brown sugar next time, but they are super healthy, and the kids all gobbled them up.

Now, onto the great supper. My favorite website EVER is allrecipes.com. This is truly a cooks dream website. So last night I was scanning through (while in the living room with my wonderful hubby watching Twins, booooooring) and found a recipe for Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs. They were FABULOUS!!!!! I made up the marinade this morning and let them sit in it all day. I also added chunks of green peppers and red onions to the kabobs. This recipe is definitely a keeper:) I also made scalloped potatoes with my normal white sauce (equal amounts of butter and flour then add milk to right consistency) but then added two cloves of garlic to the butter and let them saute for a minute before adding the flour. After the sauce was made, I added about a cup of shredded cheddar cheese to the sauce and then mixed in the potatoes. Bake at 400 degrees for about 45-50 minutes and then sprinkle more cheese on top. The girls devour this dish whenever I make it.

So, there ya have it, I love, love, love being able to take my computer anywhere, although hubby seems to think we'll never talk again, haha!! Oh, also, if you're like me and love reading foodie blogs you must check out pioneerwoman.com, she is a riot to read and has some wonderful recipes too!!

Jun 18, 2009

Always learning....

So, I don't remember if I posted this before, but about 2 months ago our beloved cat, Fluffy was sick. Rachel and I took her in only to find out that she has feline leukemia. We were devastated. He put her on three different medications, and those meds worked MIRACLES on her! She has fully recovered, and has not been ill since. He did say that they can go into remission, so I'm assuming that's what happened to her. So, now the poor thing is in heat. We never got her fixed, assuming that we would get a litter of kitties out of her and then get her fixed. So, two days ago she found a tomcat. Now, remember that I have lived in the city all my life and have never experienced the sounds of cats mating. So, Tuesday night I wake up at 3 am thinking that Alayna is screaming, only to discover it's my sweet Fluffy getting nailed. It was the most HORRIBLE sound I have ever heard. So, what do I do? Get up, get dressed and actually go looking for her, at 3 am!! My husband thinks I'm a little cracked in the head, which probably isn't too far off, lol!!

So, yesterday morning she comes in for awhile to eat, but then wants to go back out. So literally all day we watched those two chase each other, and then Fluffy teasing him by rolling around right in front of him, it was hilarious! However, at lunchtime one of my daycare kids announces that she knows what they are doing, they are playing freeze tag!!!!! I asked her why she thought that and she said because they chase each other around and then he sits on her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, I laughed till I cried! Priceless. And that darn tomcat won't leave! He sits on the steps on the patio and waits for her. He was there last night when I went to bed, and he was there at 6:00 this morning too!!

So, we shall see if she is pregnant, I would love to have some baby kitties around, and of course the kids soooo badly want kittens.

Jun 16, 2009

Baked Pork Chops

I found a couple of recipes on Allrecipes.com for baked pork chops and sort of combined them both. Turned out very well, and everyone loved them!

Baked Pork Chops
Boneless pork chops (I used 5)
2 cans Golden Mushroom Soup (I only had one can of the golden kind and then used one can of the regular kind. Now, I very rarely use canned cream soups, I always make my own, so I think next time I will do that. The canned kind is too salty for me)
Chopped onion- about half a large onion
Minced garlic, one clove
Mushrooms- I used about a cup of chopped fresh mushrooms
Olive oil

I browned the chops for just a few seconds, and transferred them to a 9x13 pan.
Brown the onions, garlic and mushrooms in a Tbl or 2 of olive oil.
Mix the 2 soups together and add to the onion mixture. Pour over chops and bake for about one hour at 375. (cover it with foil too)

I made mashed potatoes to pour the gravy over, delish!!

I'm not sure what we are having tonight yet. It's a gloomy rainy (YAY!!) day, so I think I might be making some bread this afternoon. Rachel had her first day of theater rehearsal and loved it! They are putting on the show Pinocchio and she is a mean cat, lol!!

Jun 11, 2009

Marinated grilled chicken

Last night was one of those "can't find a recipe for what I want" nights. I wanted marinated chicken on the grill, so this is what I came up with:

Marinated Chicken
Coke- yep, that's right, good ole Coca Cola Classic, about 1.5 cups maybe?
Honey- roughly 1/4 cup
Barbecue Sauce- We had some Buffalo Wild Wings honey barbecue sauce on hand, so I put in some of that.

Combine all ingredients in a gallon Ziploc bag and marinate all afternoon. The chicken was wonderful, and very tender and juicy!

Steamed Green Beans
I had some fresh grean beans that were about to expire so I steamed those until crisp tender, then combined a little lime juice ( I would try lemon if you have it, lime was a bit bitter), some fresh chopped dill and olive oil. I think I used about 2 Tbl for each the juice and oil. Shake it up well and pour over beans and toss to coat. I liked it, the fam not so much.

Jun 10, 2009

Where oh where is summer?

I'm feeling frustrated with this crappy weather:( It's almost the middle of June and we have only had two days of HOT weather, ugh. Summer has been shortened already, how sad.

The first week of summer vacation is going pretty well. I have roughly 10 kids now here during the day, (give or take a few:) so I was a little nervous about how that was going to go. Hopefully the weather will cooperate from now on, so they can be outside:) This week Emma and Alayna started a community ed class called Giggle Gang. They are having SOOOOO much fun! It's two days a week for an hour and a half. I'm lucky because one of my daycare moms picks them up and brings them home as her daughter is in it also. It's a good break for the both of them. Next week Rachel will start theater camp, and she's very excited about that.

As far as cooking goes, I haven't been doing a lot of it, as Brad has been gone all week in Iowa for meetings. Monday night I made fettuccine alfredo with steamed veggies, which is one of the kids' favorite meals. Last night I cheated and we went and got Subway:) I'm on a bit of a health/exercise kick lately. I've gained 5 pounds for no apparent reason which is annoying. So, I've been working out about 4-5 days a week and really watching what I eat. In all honesty, I'm a very healthy eater, so it's not difficult for me to change a couple things, but I've been keeping a food log and tracking how many calories are in certain foods. For example, did you know there are 200 calories in a banana??!! Seriously, it's fruit, for pete's sake! However, in broccoli, there might be 20 calories in a serving. Very interesting. Anyway, when I get my eye on something, I tend to be a little obsessive about it, but it's kind of fun too:) And thankfully, I truly enjoy working out, so that's not something I have to fight to do. I've been walking/running on the treadmill for about 30 minutes every other day, and now that's it's been a bit nicer out, I put Alayna in the stroller while the girls ride their bikes and we walk/bike for about 40-50 minutes in the evening.

This weekend we have our niece's graduation party which will be fun to see everyone. I am making the table decorations and a card box, fun fun!

Jun 4, 2009

New computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am happy to announce the arrival of a new LAPTOP!!!!! This is horribly exciting for me, our computer was about 8 years old, maybe?? Not that old, but we were having sooo many problems with the hard drive. Brad went to Best Buy yesterday and bought me a laptop, a RED one! So I am once again a happy woman, I had become awfully crabby not having a computer for a week and a half. So back on I am:)

Life here has been crazy. Today is the last day of school for the girls, which I am excited and scared about. Excited that we don't have to abide by any schedule, and nervous to have so many kids here during the day, lol. It will be fine, just have to keep them busy. Next week I have Alayna and Emma signed up for a class at ROCORI called Giggle Gang. It's just basically and hour and a half of singing, crafts and fun stuff. I'm excited that they will be going to that. Then the next week Rachel will be in theater camp all week, and then on that Friday, (the 19th, dear Father and Stepmother:) will be the performance. This year they are doing Pinocchio! She's excited for that. Then of course there is softball (for Rach), and swimming lessons for both, and camper time. I'm looking forward to all of it:)

My wonderful Mother and Stepfather saved the day for me today by picking up Miss Alayna and heading to the camper overnight. As much as I love that child, lately she's been giving me a run for my money. So they decided to get her and take her to the lake for some Grandma/Grandpa time. I know she will have a blast, and it will be good for her to do something alone with them too.

Hopefully soon we will get the stuff transferred from our old hard drive to this computer, but I won't bet on when it will happen. Have a great week, and lets all pray for rain!!